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This page contains core values of our school.


Through discipleship-based education, Sekolah Papua Harapan exists to equip Papuan children to be national and international leaders with godly character, constructive attitudes, superior academic skills, and productive lifelong habits.


Our vision is to see godly Papuan men and women take their place as leaders in their communities, country, and world.

Signature Commitments

Character, Attitudes, Skills, Habits


Our values are integrity, faith, responsibility, humility. To work out these values, the Sekolah Papua Harapan community seeks to honor God by:

  • giving first priority in life to the One true God revealed in the Bible as three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit;
  • not worshipping anything else including material goods, popularity or power;
  • not using language that is blasphemous or unclean; being just in all our dealings with other people; not discriminating unfairly against others because of their race, beliefs, gender, disability or values;
  • being willing to work to provide for our needs yet also to set apart time for God and for relaxation;s
  • honoring parents and those in authority over us;s
  • respecting the sanctity of life in all situations; loving others as oneself and avoiding actions, words or attitudes that will deliberately hurt others;s
  • respecting the sanctity of marriage as a lifelong commitment rejecting divorce as an option to solving marriage difficulties except as allowed by the Bible; ensuring that sexual relationships occur only within a monogamous marriage, therefore abstaining from pre-marital sex, extra marital sex, and homosexual activities;
  • respecting the property and good name of others;
  • speaking truthfully; not lying or spreading false or distorted information about others.
  • Avoiding greed, lust, pornography, gluttony, addiction and drunkenness.

We recognize that the above statements are Biblical expectations of righteousness. We also recognize the fallen nature of humanity. We further recognize that through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ we may receive forgiveness for our sins and that our righteousness is in Him. Sekolah Papua Harapan therefore seeks to be a redemptive community which continually points its members to the grace of God.


Jl. Akuatan, Komplek BPSDM, Sentani 99352, Papua, Indonesia


Phone: +62 (811) 481 7811


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